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Mainframe Monitoring

Unifying the monitoring of your open systems technology, networks, business applications and databases with the information of your mainframe is a reality within your reach with Pandora FMS. Have a single platform to collect and display information, wherever the data comes from.

Data Pandora
Data Pandora

In the IT field, we know as “mainframe” certain types of particularly powerful computers for handling large amounts of data.

Mainframe monitoring is therefore in charge of supervising the operation of this type of device, taking into account its particular characteristics.

Pandora FMS zSeries
IBM Z Systems

zSeries mainframe control at your fingertips

It is a specific solution to monitor mainframe zSeries environments and integrate it with the rest of your monitoring. It has a series of default monitors that will save you time and administration work to make a daily checklist of the system.

Avoid surprises with real-time monitoring of the resources consumed by your mainframe, controlling billing parameters and saving costs. In addition, monitoring is performed remotely without the need to install any additional software on your mainframe, extracting data from your Sysplex, LPAR or any other resource.

Advantages of Pandora FMS plugin for z/OS

Reduce your costs by monitoring the resources consumed by the Mainframe in real time. Avoid surprises and save money by controlling the parameters of billing per consumption.

Remote monitoring without installation of additional software on the mainframe. Pandora FMS uses a standard component integrated in most mainframes (RMF Data Portal Monitor) that extracts data from its Sysplex, LPAR or any other resource.

Easily access and correct your reports based on your Mainframe status alerts.

Integrate the entire monitoring process for your IT systems within the same visual console.

Save on mainframe monitoring costs

Pandora FMS is one of the most profitable solutions on the market that will allow you to monitor everything in a single point.

Savings are made possible by focusing on a single product that allows you to manage everything from a single console, without having to use other similar tools specialized in a particular software.

  • Servers
  • Networks
  • User experience
  • IoT
  • zSeries
  • SAP

Frequently asked questions about this functionality


Do I need to install any additional software components on the mainframe?

No, Pandora FMS z/OS plugin obtains information through HTTP requests to the RMF Data Portal, so it would not be necessary to install additional components in the mainframe.

Is z/OS plugin included in Pandora FMS license?

Together with the SAP s/3 and r/4 plugin, the z/OS plugin would not be included in the Pandora FMS license but would have to be acquired separately. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Do you offer official Pandora FMS training and certifications?

Yes, specific training courses are offered for technicians, developers, engineers and operators. From the eLearning platform you will be able to have all the necessary material to learn at your own pace everything related to monitoring in Pandora FMS. Contact our sales team for more information.

Besides mainframe, what else can Pandora FMS monitor?

Pandora FMS is a tool capable of uniting all the monitoring of your IT infrastructure, such as networks, servers, IoT, user experience, applications, virtual environments, business processes, services, among others. Ask our sales team for a free trial without limits for up to 30 days. 

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